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  Mendis Cobain Consultants (MCC) are a team with long experience in Engineering and Science, with many projects under their belt. MCC has in-house facilities for structural analysis, numerical modelling and field investigations. MCC works on projects world-wide, and has available experts in a wide range of fields.
  Collating these synergies and leveraging on its strengths, MCC is positioned to support Aid Agencies, Development Projects, International Engineering Consultants, Architects, Construction companies, Property developers, Governments, Universities and other clients.
  MCC’s expertise and insight could be gained for a range of projects in the field of Structural Engineering, Hydraulics, Environmental Science and others, anywhere in the world, while facilities such as remote collaboration and the creation of virtual joint work spaces within MCC’s intranet are also possible.
  With several international projects under its belt, MCC is today perhaps one of the most professional, friendly and easy-to-work-with organizations...
  Mendis Cobain Consultants - Expertise in:
  » Structural Analysis and Design
  » Building Services
  » Dispute Resolution
  » Roads and Highways
  » Infrastructure works
  » Cement manufacture, marketing and application
  » Hydraulic Modelling and Design
  » Project Management
  » Quantity surveying
  » Engineering and Science Education
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